Considering the amount of subscribers that they have, I think it’s safe to say that you’re far from the ‘only one’…

Oh god, you think you’re so smart, don’t you? By the “only one” I actually meant I hope I wasn’t the only one in the roleplay community who watched their vlogs. So…

Oh, sure, bite my head off for merely saying you’re far from their only viewer when you didn’t specify what you meant in the first place. Excuse me for not knowing something that you failed to mention until after you decided to be bitchy. No, I don’t think I’m “so smart”, I was honestly replying because I thought HEY maybe you’re a new viewer and have no clue, turns out you’re just rude. 

I never post about the Shaytards, or any youtubers really, but something is bugging me.

I just checked the Shaytards tag on here for the first time in months, and all I saw were things saying how either one of the kids is becoming very rude, how they don’t enjoy doing the videos anymore because they’re getting short, or how the ‘fandom’ is falling apart.

Are you guys joking? Are we watching the same videos? You guys can’t expect the vlogs to always be 20-40 minutes long, they only started out as a 2-5 minute vlog anyway, it’s completely fine if they post a video that’s only a few minutes long. Right now they’re in the middle of a huge renovation/move, so I don’t blame them for making shorter videos, I’m honestly surprised the videos have been as long as they have, they’re exhausted with everything that they do on a daily basis. Be happy that you’re even getting a video from them, don’t complain if it’s 23 minutes instead of 30, there’s no need to be so selfish. But if they really didn’t want to keep doing these videos, don’t you think they would say something? Shay has made it very clear that he loves what he does and how thankful he is to everyone for helping him get to where he is. As for Avia becoming ‘extremely sassy’, ‘spoiled’, and ‘very rude’ as you guys so nicely put it, do you really not know her well enough to know that shes always been this way? She is a lovely girl, she definitely plays it up for the camera, but so what if she can be sassy? I’m sure that if it became a real issue that her PARENTS would handle it, rather than them just listening to all these apparent parental experts saying how they should be raising their kid. She’s 9, give her a chance to grow and figure things out. However I do feel that the ‘fandom’ is falling apart in a way, and that’s because everyone is becoming rude and selfish. What happened to everyone supporting everyone? Since when do you guys feel the need to point out every flaw of theirs and hold it against them? The Butler’s are treated much different now compared to a year or two ago, and if this keeps up then I could see them stopping the videos entirely. You can’t treat someone like crap and expect them to want to stick around and to be there for you when you clearly don’t want to for them. As Shay says, “happiness is a choice”, if the Shaytards don’t make you happy anymore then why choose to keep watching them? All of this hate is extremely unnecessary and makes me sad to call this my second family now.