klassyfish asked:

purple & red!

Purple: 10 facts about my room.

  1. I am basically still a child and don’t know how to clean my room, so it’s kind of really messy
  2. I have four night stands, a long dresser, and an armoire in a tiny room along with a queen size bed
  3. I have three lamps, one being a lava lamp (which is sparkly and red)
  4. Neither heat or central air reach my room through the vents, so my room becomes the coldest and the hottest depending on the season
  5. A couple of things that I have hanging in my room are a valentine I received from a friend that reads (from the front to the inside) “I like me” and “Herpes is for life”, and the Charizard that I drew for my Pokemon card costume
  6. I haven’t rearranged anything in my room since I moved in, I just keep adding and it’s kind of a problem
  7. My closet can be fun to sit in to do work or to watch movies, even though it’s small and I get claustrophobic 
  8. I hear weird things when I’m sitting in my room and alone, I’ll suddenly hear the cupboards close or something drop, but it only happens if I’m in my room and home alone
  9. My room is above our garage and for some reason I’ve been paranoid since moving in that my floor will collapse. I’m really stupid okay
  10. My room is at the front of my house and I have transparent curtains, so I don’t like changing in it.

Red: 5 facts about my bestfriend(s)

  1. One of them talks so fast that I don’t understand what they say most of the time, but they’re real enthusiastic about it
  2. One is extremely shy and will scream murder if you touch them
  3. One is a brownie
  4. One can’t be pryed away from any gaming console or anything to do with video games
  5. One wants to fuck a titan

oodbutts asked:


Oh hello sweet oodbutts, I have missed you

Grey: 2 facts about my favourite things

Hmm…My favourite thing is a metallic painting of a horse on a slab of wood that my grandpa used to have, but I now have since his passing.

1. When I was little and would visit him I would sit and stare at as he was talking to my dad
2. I hang it above my light switch, which was where he had it hung in his room